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The lawyers of Sreenevasan Young have always been engaged in a wide variety of commercial and other civil briefs.


In corporate litigation, amongst many matters, our lawyers have represented shareholders of publicly listed companies in relation to an alleged breach of the Take-over and Mergers Code as well as litigation involving an action brought for alleged breaches of the securities laws under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. We have also acted for shareholders and directors in respect of actions for alleged oppressive conduct and breach of fiduciary duties.


In other civil litigation, our lawyers have prosecuted claims for breach of trust involving multiple jurisdictions and have represented clients in contractual matters, both in court and in arbitration. Apart from this, our experience extends to representation of parties in libel actions.


Our lawyers have also been involved in disputes relating to the probate and administration of estates. On occasion, we have also had the opportunity of arguing points of law in relation to the constitutionality of provisions of statutes.